Add predefined list of PIDsEdit

  1. Need copy file *.csv to /sdcard/.torque/extendedpids/
The structure of the CSV file will be:

Name,ShortName,ModeAndPID,Equation,Min Value,Max Value,Units,Header
Coolant Temperature,ЕСТ,2102,A/255*192,-49,-50,140,C
  1. In Torque app choose Settings->Manage extra PIDs/Sensors->Add predefined set and select your file *.csv. Video
  2. Then add new displays in Realtime information window.
  3. Profit!

Manual adding PIDEdit

  1. Go to Settings->Manage Extra PIDs->Add custom PID
  2. Fill fields in window "OBD2 PID Editor":
  • OBD2 Mode and PID. Max 3 bytes in hex or 6 hexadecimal digets
Example: 210CDF
  • Long Name, that showed in list of PID
  • Short name. Shown in display name in dashboard
  • Minimum Value. The minimum value that showed in result even the result is smaller than min value??
  • Maximum Value. The maximum value that showed in result even the result is bigger than max value??
  • Scale Factor. 
  • Unit Type
  • Equation. Formula for calculation result value.
Index number of byte in response denoted by Latin alphabet:

A-1 byte, B-2 byte,.., Z-26 byte,AA-27 byte,AB-28 byte,...BA,BB,...

Instead of using byte from response, You can use value of internal pid in square brackets, like [ff1201]
Supported arithmetical operations:

A+B sum

A-B subtraction

A*B multiplication

A/B dividing

A<8 shift to the left. Equal A*256

signed(A). A means as signed value - assuming highest bit is a sign bit 

ABS(x) - absolute value

{A:4} Get bit from byte

A&256 bitwise comparison

VAL(“pid full name”) - reference to other PID added with plugin in the equation

P.S. Decimal separator character is "."(dot) Example: 2.56
  • OBD Header. Can be blank, ‘Auto’, ’7E0′, ‘TCM’? and etc